Unveiling Sleepwalker one polygon at a time

Just a couple of years ago Sleepwalker was a little project I was developing to learn C# and Unity. It was meant to be a simple prototype and nothing more, but things took off a different direction. To put it simple I wasn’t able to stop working on it and this is the result: madness… er … a game. I mean a true game: with goals, rules and fun!

The road to this new polished version of the prototype has been long and hard. In the very beginning I didn’t even think I could really do it. But instead, Sleepwalker is here and it’s time to unveil it. So, let’s dig into some of the core elements of Sleepwalker.

[Sleepwalker’s presskit]

Story: You play as a a sleepwalker, a person who walks while in a state of sleep. The game is set in a world suspended between real world and nightmare. The mistery about you and what brings you there will be unveiled as you walk through the game levels.

Art: Sleepwalker features a 3D low-poly art style with a dark mood.

Genre: Sleepwalker is a platform game where you will have to collect items and solve puzzle to proceed. Basically, you will jump, walk, and interact, like in many other platformer. Sometimes the path will not be linear and you will be asked for creativity and logic. You will also achieve some special powers that will allow you to unlock new areas and have more fun while exploring levels.

Now, what are the plans for the future?

Short-term goals: to release a teaser trailer to show off part of the gameplay
Long-term goal: to  keep developing Sleepwalker until I’m okay with that, this means a lot of work and nights spent by making that wonderful thing that is *creating videogames*.

And finally, here you are some useful links:

My Twitter @sentolevoci

Sleepwalker on IndieDB: just click on this nice button to land on the game’s page


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