Antifa Art & Games 2018

On April 19th, I organised a gaming and political exhibition in Bari.
Antifa Art & Games was the first showcase in Bari combining games and art on a common theme: antifascism.

The question arises: what does an antifa game look like?
This event is the answer for many activists, politicians, gamers and developers.
Attendees had the opportunity to play 7 different titles and learn about other video games that put the player in control of a character that fights against Nazi-Fascists.

Local artist, Francesca Pastore, also displayed a serie of works on abuse and dictatorship, painted on 1941 italian military colonization focused reports.

Antifa Art & Games chosen games were:
Venti Mesi, by We are Muesli
Little Antifa Novel by Mauro Vanetti, Chiara Colangelo, Davide Gastaldo
Attentat 1942, Charles University and Czech Academy of Sciences
Trash Fascist Posters, by Enric Llagostera
Handvaska!, by Ramsey Nasser
Arguing with a fascist is just ARGH!, by Pedro Paiva
*easter egg* Wolfenstein 3D, by id Software

Exhibition of game trailers:
Wolfenstein II
The Saboteur
Freedom Force vs the 3rd Reich
Turning Point Fall of Liberty
Velvet Assassin
Venti Mesi
Attentat 1942