Back Home: a short-short story in Twine

‘Back Home’ is my very first story made with Twine.
Twine is an open source tool for creating interactive and branching stories.
People are building amazing things with that: short and long stories, novels, even videogames.

The interesting thing is that you can also customize the look of your story by adding CSS code.
So, you can change the background or font color, add images and sound effects, in order to enhance the reader/player experience. A sort of Augmented Literature.

Indeed, Twine is often used in the videogame industry for prototyping narrative of games focused on branching paths  and choices.

You can read my very little experiment by following the link below.


Italian Version

English Version (coming soon)

Video game Narrative Workshop

If you missed the presentation of the Video game Narrative Workshop held at “B-Geek” convention, you can skim the slides below.

The workshop was aimed to give an overall vision of video game narrative. I spoke about roles, required skills, some techniques and provided some final examples (Call of Juarez) of how a video game script is made.

Sleepwalker (in progress)

Sleepwalker is a platformer game prototype, my very first autonomous project in Unity. I’ve developed the version 0.3 of the game in 20 days. The longest part was scripting movement, events and behaviors, which have been implemented to create and test the mechanics. At this time I’m experimenting a more creative approach to game and level design together with the development of Sleepwalker and other projects.

v.0.3 in 20 days

Pencil & Paper
3ds Max
Unity 4
Prototype for Unity

Level & Game Design
C# Scripting


(click here to open the game in another window)

The Inn

It tooks me three months to complete my first scene in Unity 4. I dealt with every aspect involved into the development. Everything started with Game of Thrones and those beautiful horn glasses they use to drink wine and brew. So I begun to draw some sketches, find reference and then I started to model every single asset. An executable build is available on request. It comes with full SFX and cameras management.


3 months

Pencil & Paper
3ds Max
Unity 4
Windows MovieMaker

Level Design
C# Scripting for Cameras Management and Menu

– Reference Boards –

– Sketches –

– 3ds Max models –

– Screenshot from the final build in Unity –