I am a Game and Level Designer from Bari, south of Italy, a promoter of the local game devs community and a Global Gam Jam organiser.

I work within the game industry for 10 years now.
Thanks to my varied skills I can wear many hats during the game development process, from QA tester to gameplay programmer and game designer.

Above all, I have a strong creativity supported by solid technical skills: c#, 3d modeling, in-depth engines knowledge, and writing.

I believe in the emotional gameplay, an interaction between player and video games based on emotions. As a level designer, I also believe in environmental narrative, which I use to convey the story with visual elements.

You can find me jamming around the world, but if you are in Bari join the Game Devs and Unity user group.

I’ve participated to the following events:
2012. Bari B-Geek
2013. Milan Games Week
2014. Speaker at Bari B-Geek, Video Game Narrative Workshop
2016. Volunteer at Popup Arcade Festival
2016. Jammer at XX+ Game Jam. Info Here
2017. London Adventure X
2018. January. Organiser, jammer and speaker at Bari Global Game Jam. Presentation about Skills and Roles in GGJ
2018. April. Organiser at Antifa Art & Games in Bari
2018. April. Volunteer at A MAZE in Berlin
2018. May. Svilupparty 2018 in Bologna
2018. August/September. Speaker at Game Dev Days Graz, The importance of Prototyping
2018. September. Speaker and Organiser at Game Art Dev Eve, in Bari
2019. January. Organiser, jammer and speaker at Bari Global Game Jam.
2019. April. Speaker at A Maze Festival, in Berlin. Nominee for Humble New Talent Award.
2019. November. Exhibitor at Game Happens Festival in Genova.
2019 – 2020. Regional organiser for Global Game Jam.
2020. January. Organiser, fund raiser and jammer at Bari Global Game Jam.
more coming soon

Jump Dash Roll, written by Jesse Gregoire
Leaves Preview on Game Curator, by Sebastian Stadke
Interview on no-profit organization, italian VG industry and more (only Italian).  PDF available